Photography quick tips #1. The picture of almost nothing

In the first posts on this blog I will write about the themes I work on i n my mind  when I´m out taking photos. These tips can be useful reminders for experienced photographers, an new information for others.

My first tip will be that you try to take pictures of «almost nothing». Try to make the selections of your surroundings as minimalistic as possible.  Its a common issue for photographers that the world seems to big and complex to make nice frames. When you try and minimalize the stuff you bring into  your photo its easier to compose and have a concrete perception of what you want to convey with your photos. One extra tip to help you do this is to take black any white photos. If you set up your camera to take raw + a small jpeg-file, you can set your picture setting to high contrast black and white. This way you get a nice b&w preview on your camera screen.

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  1. from brother

    Useful tips :-) thank you. Im always looking for the complexity. Hope for more useful tips soon! Nice page you have here!

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